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🌱 Who we are

At Develhope, we believe that people do their best when they feel included, appreciated and equal. This is the working environment we strive towards and that best represents our team. Here, we are able to be ourselves, knowing that we are listened to and supported and will achieve success together.

At Develhope we value a collaborative and open working environment. Our team members work from wherever they wish, completely remotely. We are not scared by this distance because we are united by a single goal: to build a better future through our work.

We work from anywhere in Europe, each of us is free to express themselves at their best from wherever they want (Palermo, Berlin, Bologna, Turin).

We educate talented and driven individuals through our bootcamps and create skilled tech jobs in our own software development agency. Sounds like something you want to hear more about? We look forward to meeting you!

Building a better future

Writing code is much more than a matter of technology: It has the power to shape the path of entire communities. During this current COVID-19 pandemic we have seen beyond a doubt how digital technology can benefit society as a whole.

As developers we want to contribute to the development of society.

We teach programming because this helps create new conditions of life, work and society. We are doing this in Southern Italy where there is a strong motivation to build a better tomorrow.

We want to have a social impact, together with others who also want to make a positive change. We will give new opportunities to young women and men who want to learn a skill and improve their lives. Computer code is a universal language of sustainable growth.

As a software agency, we design and build innovative products with a social impact.

Working with partners at the national and international level, we employ our skills and experience towards building a better future.

Through our school and our software agency we want to establish a tech hub to fight youth unemployment in Southern Italy and beyond.

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